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Paving the Way.

About us

Welcome to AAMS Contractor,

Your certified DBE material supplier specializing in high-quality rebars and customized dowel baskets. Our commitment to excellence and diversity sets us apart, providing top-notch products tailored to your project needs. Choose AAMS for precision, durability, and a dedicated partner in your construction success. Build with confidence. Build with AAMS Contractor.




Company Overview

AAMS CONTRACTOR LLC, a minority-owned small business, is a
one-stop full-service construction material and commercial furniture
supplier. Based in Minnesota, AAMS has been a trusted industry
partner to commercial businesses and government agencies
nationwide, specializing in providing customized solutions to meet
various needs in commercial furniture, epoxy coated construction
materials, and traffic signage. Our unique approach to solving each
customer’s needs allows us to successfully execute quality work and
products while saving time and resources. We consistently strive to
bring the best value to each client we serve.


Wide Variety:

AAMS provides an extensive variety of products to
meet different needs, ranging from signage and fencing, and
construction material, to all commercial furniture.

Extensive Inventory:

Our proven success stems from our highly
skilled personnel and our alliance with reliable manufacturers
guaranteeing our ability to deliver superior products on time every

Reliable Deliveries:

AAMS leverages innovative technology to
ensure orders placed are accurate, securely packaged, tracked, and
delivered, ensuring efficient and rapid fulfillment.

Comprehensive Solutions:

AAMS offers end-to-end solutions that
deliver resource-saving, high quality products, while providing
reduced cost savings.

Core Offerings


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